Non emergency medical transportation services with wheelchair and ramp capabilities in southeastern wisconsin
Transtar provides transportation services in southeastern  Wisconsin for elderly or handicapped patients needing a wheelchair lift or ramp.

Wisconsin's Specialists in Special Needs Transportation

Exceptional Client Service

Transtar gives you personalized, single-passenger transportation service for medical appointments, hospital discharges, social or family functions. Whether you are in a wheelchair or need assisted ambulatory transportation, Transtar can provide the level of assistance you require. Door through door service; one way or round trip.


Extensive Coverage Area

Transtar provides private pay transportation service throughout the Milwaukee area. We also provide longer distance trips that originate anywhere and come into Milwaukee. Whether you need transportation in and around the city or are required to travel a greater distance to get there, give Transtar a call.


Excellent Client Satisfaction

Specialized transportation services customized to fit your needs and level of assistance. Professional drivers will get you where you're going safely, reliably, on-time, and on budget. Superior service is the reason many hospitals, healthcare facilities, families and individual clients rely on Transtar for all their transportation needs.